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Non Traditional Fathers It is more than a Biological Connection

This role includes taking part in their educational, emotional, and spiritual lives.

It takes more to be a father than the biological connection found on a paternal DNA test. Fathers have a very important role in their children's lives. This role includes taking part in their educational, emotional, and spiritual lives. The law is clear that a biological father as determined by paternal DNA testing is responsible for child support but the actual custody of the child might be completely in the hands of the biological mom, especially where divorce or single parenting is concerned.

Non-traditional fathers include divorced fathers with visitation or custody rights and divorced fathers who are estranged from their children. However, non-traditional fathers can also be stepfathers, live in or live out boyfriends, men who became fathers through adoption or foster care, stay at home dads, divorced dads, single dads raising children on their own, grandfathers, and dads raising both their own children and children the mother had from a previous relationship. The possibilities of fathering are limited less. Wherever there is a man taking care of a child that man should have the right to be a father if he wishes to be labeled as one.

One group of non-traditional dads who have made quite of lot of media attention is the homosexual couple, where two male partners claim fatherhood. Again one of these men may very well be the legal father that can easily be proven by a home paternity test, or a legal paternity DNA test, however in this new area of non-traditional parenting many gray areas arise.

What happens when a homosexual couple breakup and the non-biological Dad is now denied child visitations? This area of the law has not been addressed. For the most part, homosexual partners do not have legal rights. Same sex marriages used to be recognized in the state of California but is now overturned (by proposition 8). Massachusetts allows same sex marriage, Vermont, Connecticut, Washington, Oregon, New Hampshire, and New Jersey also allows same sex unions and marriages. While certain states such as New York, Iowa, and the District of Columbia recognizes out of state same sex marriages, only. There is no standard policy put forth for any non-traditional same sex father.

Barring legal issues, there is no difference between these non-traditional fathers and the divorced biological father counterparts who lose their right to be with their child. Love is love; it is not defined solely on the basis of a parental DNA connection or a legal definition. Non-traditional parents hurt just as much as any biological parent and many are actually better parents in the long run.

What are Popular Options for Smile Makeover

It's possible now to enhance the natural beauty of smile. This way, you can look good and take your confidence to the world. With advances in dental technology, it's now within the reach to fight off dental issues of any variety and boost the value of smile notches up. You can consult a dentist and get natural looking restorations created to boost the dazzle and glow of your smile. Similarly, a variety of cosmetic and restorative procedures are available to choose from and get the value of smile go up. So, makeover your smile and live a life full of quality.

Further, dental patients should look for teeth whitening procedure as it's a common aesthetic treatment which helps bring back the glow of smile. There are people who use gels, strips and toothpaste to brighten their teeth at home but they often don't get the desired level of results. They should rather meet a top dentist and get laser whitening procedure. It can deliver results in just one hour and thus, also saves patients from the inconvenience of taking to daily round of tooth whitening. There is also an at-home system which you can try and get back the glow of your smile with ease.

Similarly, porcelain veneers are another popular option to get smile makeover and enhance your facial beauty. They are bonded to the existing teeth of patients and fight off any asymmetry or imperfections that cause smile to look dull. They are often ultra-thin in size and their shape match to that of natural teeth which helps them achieve the desired results in patients. Dental crowns are another option which help support damaged or decayed teeth and they are considered good for offering aesthetic value. Crowns are popular because they use materials which match with natural teeth and deliver the same level of charm.

In addition, there is dental bonding to enhance the charm of smile in cases where some minor imperfection has caused the damage. Be it a small stain, chip, crack, or gap, this bonding can help cover or fill them all with ease to ensure glow to smile. Neither do they cost more nor take much time, that's why they are preferred more. Likewise, there are tooth-coloured fillings to replace those old silvery or gold-looking ones that you once got filled. Since they are white in colour, it's not possible to spot them as they give that kind of natural look and feel.

Moreover, invisalign is another popular option to get straight and asymmetrical teeth. In this, removable plastic aligners are worn and removed to enable balanced smile. By wearing it for over months, patients can straighten the teeth and make the smile beautiful. Quite clearly, options are in plenty when it comes to going for smile makeover and you should choose them with care. The best way is to consult a dentist, explore those available options, assess their benefits and then get the one that fits your needs perfectly. This is how the magic of smile is restored.